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    Works, 2013
Below the surface of the sea, an alien world is taking place. Standing as one of the last frontier, the unknown and mysterious singularities of the depths are leading us to associate water with the unconscious part of our psyche. This space is hostile to human presence. To pursue such exploration proves challenging, but seems to offer endless possibilities.
However despite its apparent remoteness, the depths of the sea are strongly influenced by human activity, hosting large quantities of forgotten artificial materials and objects. The projects of Forlane 6 Studio intend to question and imagine how organic shapes and man-made ones could merge and cohabit when transformed and positioned in the context of a foreign space inaccessible to human life. Artificial natures are created in a science fiction like mise en scenes of sculptures and installations where the aim is to imagine the possible evolution of these abandoned objects. A metamorphose occurs when the sculptures are influenced by their buoyancy, the currents or when air is pressured into them to enable movement. Using a playful and experimental approach the projects exist at the intersection of different mediums. Photography captures the nature of these suspended scenes and freezes the moment where the work interacts best with its liquid surrounding. Video on the other hand achieves to translate the intensity and struggle involved in the association of opposing forces.
Only images are left from these obscure and uncanny objects that almost seem to have never existed. The frontier between reality and fantasy is blurred when facing this world far beyond our understanding that has always been a source of legends and fears. Using familiar objects and materials, the body of work refers to our current time and relates to our familiar surroundings, however they could also be the remains of a post-human age, where our random belongings have become autonomous creatures.