How Kerala Combat Coronavirus

Combat Coronavirus #KeralaModel
Where outgoing and intermingling with people were the old cool, the new cool is staying home and social distancing. Keralites warmed up to these new norms a bit confused. Our mission was to ease this transition by spreading awareness about the readiness of our government to handle the crisis. We are deeply grateful for the immense support we received from Padmasree Bharat Mammootty who has rendered his powerful voice for this video, and Sushin Shyam who enlivened the music.

"Patience.., that is our greatest weapon". This video was released when Kerala had led the winning battle against the pandemic. Surely as we expected, with so many talents working passionately behind this project, it was a hit. We were overwhelmed with joy and pride from all the responses we received for this video. We are grateful to everyone who helped us create it and shared it along.

Most of our responses pleaded to translate the same to English so that the message of our video could pass on to many more in the lookout for hope out there. Hence here we are, releasing the English version on popular demand. 

Creative Director: Seerow Unni
Executive Producer: Azeem Kattali
Motiongraphics & Compositing: Jeroy Joseph
Script (Malayalam): Sarat Prakash
Script (English): Anuroop Nair
Storyboard: Vinaya Krishnan
Animatics: Balaram J
BG illustration: Yesudas V George
Voice over: Mammootty
Music: Sushin Shyam
Mixing: Abin Paul
Sfx: Krishnan C Nair

Illustration & Animation: Seerow Unni, Vinaya Krishnan, Alendev R Vishnu, Sanal P Gopi,
Rebecca Rechana Paul, Ashin Munnu, Yamini Sujan, Rejath R, Vishnu Pavithran, Rajesh Velachery, Imodraj Mohanaman, Anirudh Peethambaran, Saarup Ajay, Jeroy Joseph, Mithun Krishna

Special Thanks: Clare Zacharias, Munz TDT, Jayan K, Anoop Bhat, Harikrishnan,
Vivek Thomas, Noufal Farook, Anjitha Reji, Varun Jose, Subru Palakkad, Suhas Narendran, Vidisha Shenoy, Nida KP, Abhijth NR, Bindu Nadesan


How Kerala Combat Coronavirus