I designed and programmed posterkoenig.ch as
freelancer for
!frappant Webfactory in Bern, Switzerland.
Posterkoenig.ch is a small webshop, where the user can upload
images and order them applied on canvas or as posters.
The main focus for the design has been the ordering pro-
cess. The User should always be able to directly get started. So
instead of an "Order Now" link in the main navigation,
the first step to order a poster is always prominently placed
on the bottom of the screen.
The idea was, to let the user see his whole process on the same
page, so that changes can easily be made by scrolling
up and back to the previous step. Therefore, during the order,
every new step in the process adds a new panel to the
bottom of the page. At the end, this results in an overview of the
whole order within one scroll.
The website works on different screen sizes. From smaller 
screenslike the iPad to larger ones like the 27'' cinema displays,
where the layout is adjusted accordingly.