The Client

Geo Protocol is a technology startup with an ambitious mission to create the future. The technical protocol is designed to allow people to exchange any values in real time. Euro is for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is for real estate, and so with any other assets. The technology is based on blockchain and can be used by other projects to spread the free values exchange idea.

Project Goals

Using graphics to convey the principle of the protocol. Differentiate startup from dummy projects that disappointed investors. Visual means to convey the product benefits.

Main Task

One of identity development’s main objectives was to get the first round of investment for further product improvement and its commercialization. With the identity and website, the team had to go to several conferences to meet with potential investors.

The project’s main strategic decision was the transition from a general plan to a large scale. We stopped considering our product as a way to unite abstract humanity and concentrated on the assets exchange between two people. It was as if we looked through a microscope in order to understand and then explain how the protocol works. This vision of the world is fully consistent with our brand’s archetype, the main desire of which is to learn the fundamental laws. Our audience seeks to gather as much information as possible, systematize it and use it to achieve their goals. We helped them with this task by closely showing our work’s essence. In order to reflect the idea, we use the metaphor "The field of play (pay)".
Register of equivalents

Thanks to the register of equivalents, the Geo Protocol system has the ability to create the equivalent of any asset for the free exchange between protocol participants. Equivalents is the context in which the relationship between two nodes is expressed. Equivalent can be anything: USD, BTC, kW of energy, time, etc. Each equivalent is assigned a numeric name.


After the identity approval we had to design the website. The startup team was going to the conference to present the project to investors. At the conference, the client planned to show the website in person to potential partners and in a couple of minutes to explain the essence of his project. Based on the task, we built the logic of history on the website, explaining the protocol capabilities and how it works. Content dictated the layout features, and corporate identity helped to highlight and visualize information.
Corporate carriers

After the logo and corporate graphics approval, we developed them on media and described in detail in the guideline how to work with each of the visual elements correctly. Most carriers are merch for conferences. Since the team consists of many people, it was important to emphasize the uniqueness of each, but at the same time leave general recognition. We used different combinations of corporate colors and graphics dynamics to convey this.
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Geo Protocol 
Brand Identity

League Design Team 
Art Directors: Aleksandr Gusakov / Mike Samovarov
Project manager: Anna Lyzhnik 
Graphic designer: Julia Zamiatina 
Digital designer: Alexander Masliy

Geo Protocol Team 
CEO: Max Demyan
CBDO: Dmitriy Kovalchuk
CMO: Mike Morhulets

Special thanks
Photographer: Akim Karpach 

The project resulted in a successful protocol presentation at several conferences and receiving investment. On April 4, the media reported that GEO Protocol received an initial investment from "CoinFund", a leading New York investment company specializing in cryptocurrency assets.

In addition, after the product presentation at industry conferences, two more companies turned to us for design, so it means that not only this particular client liked our work, but other participants in the IT-industry as well.

At League Design Agency, we strive to understand the needs of our customers and solve their business problems with the help of design tools. 

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Geo Protocol — Visual Identity and Web Design

Geo Protocol — Visual Identity and Web Design

Geo Protocol is a technology startup with an ambitious mission to create the future. The technical protocol is designed to allow people to exchan Read More


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