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    In store decoration at Fragile Bar in Thessaloniki for Bud beer..
As Creative Director and Project Manager of Toolbox Spatial Designers we were commissioned to create a bespoke in-store decoration for Bud beer at Fragile Bar in Thessaloniki.

We had to come in a solution that would be fit for the bar called "Fragile". We came up with imitating wooden crates used to carry heavy materials or products. On those wooden crates we used stencils to label (fragile, protect from rain, etc). Afterwards we already had the logo and the tag line "Grab some buds" laser cutted on kappa mount and pinned them on crates. 
Finally three of them had to installed on the ceiling and the one in the stairs. The one in the stairs was 295x190mm (h*w). 

Gregory Rafailides (installation)
Miltiades Lessis (assistant Project Manager)
Konstantinos Kessisoglou (carpenter)