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    A handcut lino print cover for Oliver Cole's 'Little Wolf'.
Oliver Cole

'Little Wolf'

The lupine refrain of Ollie Cole’s new single, ‘Little Wolf’, lingers errily in the mind long after a listen. Ollie’s first track released since 2010’s debut solo record We Albatri is a thoughtful, slow burning ode - unhurried and measured in its delivery - and an introduction to a new phase for one of the most consistent Irish songwriters of his generation.

Ollie finally laid his previous band TURN to rest with their farewell shows at the end of 2012, before embarking on what is his most ambitious project to date - the upcoming solo release Year of the Bird.

The record will be released on new Irish independent label MDR, founded by Colm O’Herlihy, later in 2013 but to signpost listeners on a new direction for the songwriter, ‘Little Wolf’ will be released on 7” vinyl with specially handcrafted sleeves.

‘Little Wolf’ is the conceptual lynch pin of the work; a love song coated in some very unusual ideas that is brazenly dark, but ultimately a redemptive piece of work. Clocking in at just over five minutes, it is a bold step for Ollie, but also an affirming and assured step from a man for whom the the trivial nature of modern music is something to be avoided.