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In 2012 I was part of Toolbox Spatial Designers' team in Greece. My role there was Creative Director and Project Manager. 

Summer vacations were close and I had an idea for making and giving to our clients a gift.  Loads of ideas but limited time and budget. 

"Snap A Beach" was the winner idea. 

The concept was simple. Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches. So we had to grab few of them and put them in small bottles. After that we had to create a package so we can put them together. 

We have created four types of beach. 
1. A beach with sand
2. A beach with rocks
3. A beach with thick sand and 
4. A beach with shells
In two weeks time my colleagues and i, managed to
1. design the packaging,
2. find the kind of bottles and the materials we were going to use so we fill them,
3. print the package,
4. do the packing,
5. Deliver ourselves the gifts
Everyone got excited with their gift and many other asked if they can have an extra one. 
Credits to 
Miltiades Lessis
Alexandra Pampouki