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[Iconography] Cleanroom Information & Icon Design for accurate information delivery  (Director's Edition)
Intuitive, functional, consistent icon information design for company's problem solving. We developed an action-driven information design to solve the complexities of the existing clean room, guidance on employee hygiene, training issues, and communication of brand identity. The existing complex or unstructured data information was constructed from a specific point of view to make its meaning clear and clear so that it can be used efficiently. 
* This is a re-edited version as directed by the Design director.​​​​​​​
* 다음 이미지들는 외부 공개용으로 가공된 참고 이미지입니다. 실제 진행된 디자인은 비공개입니다.  

Date: 2017.12~2018.02 

'Simple', 'Uncomplicated', 'Minimal'

In the past, icons were too complicated and decorated, and it was difficult to convey accurate information. In addition, the inconsistency of the media used and icons created confusion for internal and external customers and stakeholders. Therefore, the new icon was designed with the concept of 'Simple', 'Uncomplicated' and 'Minimal'

In the branding(BX) process, Iconography is a visual element of a brand and refers to a design technique using concise and clear icons or symbols. Iconography is used to convey various information related to a brand and helps reinforce the brand's identity. Some of the key features of Iconography are:
Improved readability and comprehension: Use visually readable icons to clearly communicate your message and speed up user comprehension and awareness.
Increase brand awareness: Distinctive and original icon designs increase brand awareness and help communicate the brand's feel and values to users.
Efficient communication: Iconography can convey information faster than text and is a tool that can effectively communicate with users of various cultures and languages in the global market.
Stay consistent: By using a consistent iconography in your branding process, you reinforce brand unity and ensure users experience the same brand in digital or physical environments.
In the branding process, iconography plays an important role in effectively communicating with customers and providing differentiated competitiveness by reinforcing brand identity and playing a visual role on various platforms and media.
* 다음 이미지들는 상표 보호를 위해 외부 공개용으로 편집된 이미지입니다. 실제 진행된 디자인은 비핸스 비공개입니다.  * This is a re-edited version as directed by the Design director.  

Intuitive and functional design: The icon information design is designed with an intuitive design that users can easily understand, helping companies to quickly and accurately deliver information in solving various problems.
Consistent visual presentation: Consistent icon information design enhances communication effectiveness by making employees as well as customers conscious of the company's brand identity and message.
Action-oriented information delivery: Through action-oriented information design, you can see practical training effects by enabling employees to immediately understand hygiene guidelines and put them into practice.
Clear organization of complex data information: Complex or unstructured data information is structured from a specific perspective and clearly communicated so that the information can be used efficiently. This helps businesses quickly identify and act on complex issues.
Overall, icon information design supports intuitive and functional design, consistent visual expression, action-oriented information delivery, and clear organization of complex data information in solving various problems of the enterprise, resulting in effective results. basis for explanation.
* 다음 이미지들는 상표 보호를 위해 외부 공개용으로 편집된 이미지입니다. 실제 진행된 디자인은 비핸스 비공개입니다.  * This is a re-edited version as directed by the Design director.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

* 다음 이미지들는 상표 보호를 위해 외부 공개용으로 편집된 이미지입니다. 실제 진행된 디자인은 비핸스 비공개입니다.  * This is a re-edited version as directed by the Design director.  

* 다음 이미지들는 외부 공개용으로 가공된 참고 이미지입니다. 실제 프로젝트가 아닙니다. 실제 디자인은 비공개입니다.

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[Iconography] 정보디자인

[Iconography] 정보디자인