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    Installation for Hoxton Window Project, hosted by Unit9 — London — Curator: Anrick Bregman Film and still set: Tamas Olajos Hosted by UNIT9

Hoxton Window Project / Unit9 London
BOODU BOOM CHA (You should be dancing! Yeah!)

The Hoxton Window Project is hosted and curated by UNIT9. The premise is simply to have the windows overlooking Hoxton Square covered with interesting art.
It was a great pleasure to be part of the Hoxton Window Project and to have the chance to work on an unique surface like UNIT9′s four huge windows.
We are two completely different types of creatives, and the final result is a mix between our styles; a composition of typography and illustration inspired by the the futurism art movement.
Our intention was to reinterpret/translate the typical style of that movement, yet in a new and different way, trying to explain a different concept, re-evaluating the craft and the use of hands as a fundamental part of the creative process. That’s why we decided to use only cheap and simple materials to create our artwork, such as white paper, cut by hand.
By separating the windows, we used two of them to represent a jazz band. Hidden between the paper shapes there’s a bass player and a drummer. The central window was then used for a sentence “BOODO BOOM CHA” which means “You should be dancing! Yeah!”, which is also the title of this installation.
Our mission was to create something similar to a paper curtain placed between the studio and the people outside, so that everybody could see the life of the studio inside the transparent parts of our artwork.

Jonathan & Federico

Curator: Anrick Bregman
Film and still set: Tamas Olajos
Music: Professor Kliq - Pangea
Hosted by UNIT9