"A Corda" - poster

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  • This is a poster I made for the shortfilm "A Corda", in which I was recently involved.
    About the project:
    "Wind it up" was freely inspired by "Autopsychography", a poem by Fernando Pessoa.
    This shortfilm is a creative approach about the racionalization of feelings. Ultimately, one ends up not feeling at all, unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not. We become disconnected from the others, but mostly, from ourselves.

    "Wind it up" (A Corda), was made in 48 hours, as our team's submission to the "48 Shortmedia"* competition. Every participanting groups, composed by an average number of five elements, had to make a shortfilm (from the script to its final form), a poster, 10 promotional photos, and a website about their project.

    *48 Shortmedia was organized by Escola Profissional Mariana Seixas 
    Ana Seia (Woman)
    L Filipe dos Santos (Man)
    José Cruz (The man with a book)
    Jasmim Pinto (Little girl)
    Artur Pinto (Little boy)

    Directed by Luís Belo
    Written by Ana Seia
    Cinematography by Tiago Ribeiro
    Sound Design and Music by L Filipe dos Santos
    BEST POSTER @ 48 Shortmedia 2013
    BEST PHOTOGRAPHY @ 48 Shortmedia 2013
    BEST SHORTFILM @ 48 Shortmedia 2013
    GRAND PRIZE @ 48 Shortmedia 2013
  • Besides the poster, which got the award for the best one in the competition, I was responsable for the music and sound design, and you can also enjoy my lousy acting.  Thanks for watching!