My Web Design Projects

I've been designing web sites since I discovered Geocities at 12 years old. The summer after I graduated high school, I started my own company and did a few projects for business in Des Moines. I now work at the Web Development Services office at Iowa State University. My other main focus is my blog, College Info Geek. Below is a catalog of my web design work.
College Info Geek
This is the fourth major redesign of College Info Geek, my blog/podcast on college success. Unlike all the other CIG designs, this one was done completely from scratch, designed from the ground up in Photoshop and developed by my friend Martin Boehme.
College Info Geek
The third major redesign of my college success blog. The first and second versions didn't do too much to build on their original WordPress themes, but this one did. In fact, I ended up gutting probably 60% of the site's theme and writing a lot of my own code. This version taught me a ton about building and editing WordPress themes.
Thomas Frank

This is the second iteration of, my personal site. I switched over to Wordpress for this version and added better social media integration. The auto-scrolling is gone, but I've replaced it with more robust content and smart navigation. The Wordpress platform also allows me to keep content fresh more easily. Plugins allowed me to integrate my book collection, Flickr photostream, and mapped Foursquare checkins. Lastly, I got someone who actually knows a thing or two about design to create a great header for me.

Cactus Jack Marketing

I'm currently working on this project with entrepreneur Cactus Jack Barringer. The site will serve as a new homepage for Cactus Jack, and I'll also be managing all of his social media profiles. Cactus Jack is now working with other inventors to help them realize their ideas and market their inventions.

College Info Geek


This was an extra-credit project for my MIS 330 class I took in Fall 2010. My professor wanted a simple site with "whatever content you want" and a login system. I went a little further and filled the site chock-full of content I thought would be suitable for ISU MIS majors. This site was my introduction to PHP; I learned how to create a full-fledged registration and login system with form validation, email identification and verification, and password reset and recovery options.

NTS Staffing

My first project, I started the design for NTS Staffing right out of high school at 17. It's a simple corporate site, but I implemented a custom slideshow to liven things up a bit.

My Scottsdale Villa

My high school marketing teacher asked me to design a website for a condo he rents in Scottsdale, Arizona. I created a simple two-page site to advertise the condo, and implemented lightboxes to showcase each of the rooms and amenities. 

Thomas Frank

This is the original design for my personal site. It started out as a "resume website" assignment in a web design class, but I took it a bit further with a portfolio, social media links, and a cool auto-scroll script. I've kept this design live on my server so you can check it out.

College Info Geek

This is the original design for College Info Geek, which is now using the design above. College Info Geek is my blog, and it's aimed to help college students succeed through life-hacking techniques.
Mid Iowa Bass Masters

I designed this site along with my friend Adam Shannon for the Mid Iowa Bass Masters. It features tons of content and information about the club, as well as an extensive gallery featuring pictures from their swap meets.

Borst Detasseling

I worked for Borst Detasseling for four years during high school; during my final year, my boss asked me to create a website for the company. In addition to information about the job, the site features a signup form for interested applicants.

Radiant Web Design

Radiant Web Design is the name of my web design company - which is just me now. I created this site in high school, and I don't really update it any more. Although I operate under the Radiant name, I don't actively seek clients anymore. If someone comes to me and wants some work done, I'll help them out; however, I've officially moved on from web design as a career possibility.