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Fellow Creatures - Vegan Chocolate

Fellow Creatures is a vegan, dairy-free chocolate factory based in Scotland. They only use organic ingredients and making creamy milkless chocolate. We created a unique, friendly, and colourful identity and package design for them that represents the personality of the company and distinguishes it on the market. We used contemporary and brave colour palettes and the layout of the package with organic shapes to support Egle Zvirblyte's amazing characters and illustrations. The logotype was built up with our unique Fellow Serif font that gives a playful look for the brand. In addition we used Blitz as a contemporary script to compliment the stroke-line details and Walsheim as a playful, but simple body font. The main concept of the logo was to look as much fun as it's possible to have the same visual result that we feel when we eat chocolate. This is Fellow Creatures: a tasty chocolate with beautiful illustrations and a modern and colourful brand. The real synesthesia!

Illustrations: Egle Zvirblyte
Photography: Henri Vogt
Client: Fellow Creatures

Fellow Creatures - Vegan Chocolate