The Bromaid site is intended to provide information in the event of a bromine leak, so I hope they do not have to use this site.
The site contains content and information for three companies engaged in manufacturing and transporting bromine.
Site design process that I received and rebuild. There are many types of sites.
In this case, you are very informative designed to coordinate safety and accountability activities for three companies across Europe.

This is the oldest website.
I introduced them to the problems I see and needed to change on the new site
Matching the site to a variety of screens (responsive site)
Non-mobile websites rank low in Google search results. They are not comfortable
For mobile use. The site will be set up as a responsive site, which means it is optimized for display in three different situations so the content adapts to desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

As of 2019, websites that are not accessible to people with disabilities are in violation of the law. The country has a law that states that a site should be accessed at Accessibility A to AAA Accessibility. Websites also have accessibility code that allows high accessibility of content to be displayed alongside the ability to update content for those with accessibility.
The site will contain a built-in accessibility component as well as the ability to tailor content for the disabled. So even if the site is not legally or commercially accessible, it will be accessible.

Google requirements and SEO promotion
In order for the site to be found in the Google search engine, it is necessary to add relevant search terms, description and title to each site. Sites or HTML pages without promotional elements do not allow the search engine to find them easily. In addition, they are declining in their rating and relevance.
The site will have an easy option to add search terms, a description, and a specific title to each page so that the Google search engine can easily find the site.

CMS management system
In the past, sites were built using only HTML code. This makes it difficult to update these pages if necessary. Also requires programming and updating of all site pages.
The new site will allow easy access to update content across all pages easily and without programming.

Site structure and user experience
Textual content currently displayed on the site is not optimized for viewing on mobile screens. Also today with the help of various tools and modules such as content and opening direction, variable menu, and screen width-adjusted text. The user has flexibility and convenience in displaying the content. That is why the new site places emphasis on software elements that make it easy to orient and read the content.

This is the result from the prototype stage to the launch --->
Visit the site:
BromAid New Website

BromAid New Website



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