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    Competition project for renovation of the unfinished tower in the city of Yekaterinburg.
International competition for the development of the concept 
of reconstruction and adaptation to the modern use of the facility under construction "Television Tower", with the neighborhood,
in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The object of the design is the existing unfinished building of the television tower and the surrounding area. Unfinished tower - the tallest building in Yekaterinburg and the tallest abandoned building in the world. Since the construction can be seen from almost anywhere in the central part of the city, the tower has become a symbol of the city. The aim of the project work is the reconstruction of the existing structure
and its adaptation by the social, cultural and business center, as well as the development of the neighborhood, with the organization
of an accomplishment.

At the moment, only the trunk of the tower is made to the level of 220.400.

Photos provided by the organizers of the competition www.rdmugiso.ru/big

The complex included a ferris wheel in the park area near the Iset River. Building on the city's master plan, the project provides communications streets Belinsky and March 8 across the street People's Will, a single pedestrian line. It will connect the two parks including complex in the park area and expand it.

361° meters

In the design of the complex "361", included a number of factors and offered according to this new feature and the scope for building the tower. The shape and appearance image of the "pillar" decided to leave, taking into account the fact that the city is located on the border between Europe and Asia and the tower serves as a separator.

The design height of the tower — 361.4 m. This is a symbolic figure as 360 degrees — a full rotation on its axis. Given the high point 
of the building, and panoramic views, the name corresponds to the height and the environment. In our case, 361 is the image/ number 
of something bigger than usual and there is a feature of the building. From the highest point of the viewer sees what others do not see, 
this is the metaphorical meaning of one meter.

Windmill / wind turbine.
Given the height of the complex and the void formed by a ferris wheel, the project envisages installation of the wind turbine. 
This is the highlight of the image allow the possibility of providing the energy complex.

Ferris wheel.
Given the fact that the climb to the tower and see the city for a long time, it was the device of the wheel ferris accomplishes this by exceeding raschaya TV tower in the park amusement / unique public space. Depriving the record of the highest TV tower unfinished building complex «361» claim to the record for the highest «ferris» wheel in the world.

Picking up the highest point of the wheel to the height of 361 meters, we move from the current center point of 220.4 meters to 103 meters above. Structurally, this area is made of reinforced concrete in the same way as the rest of the design of the tower. Ferris wheel and wind turbine are made of prefabricated steel structures. The facade of the complex is a concrete and painted white. The lower part of the complex is covered by shell which moves into the neighborhood. All interior spaces made ​​alterations.


Proceeding from the fact that the tower is the tallest building in the city, given the shape and the image, which is one 
of the symbols of Yekaterinburg, the concept does not provide employment and complexity of the existing trunk.

Headroom tower made ​​of reinforced concrete. Space in the lower shell of the tower is made of steel. 
Operated green roof is linked with the landscape.