Alef Magazine: Illustrations ➔ PATTERN DESIGN

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  • Alef Magazine
     Brand identity and art direction by the Doha-based design consultancy 28  
    Alef is an independent, bi-monthly magazine published in Qatar and distributed worldwide. It is one of the first Arabic and English bilingual formats to come out of the Middle East, focusing on cultural topics that are indigenous to the Gulf region. 
  • The magazine navigation is divided into five senses and six GCC regions – for this I was commissioned to create sets of pictograms using patterns. Inspired by the most native of Gulf crafts and heritage, the art of Al Sadu textile weaving, these patterns were interpretated into a verstatile design language for icons and other design elements used through the magazine.
    Each section of the magazine features a more elaborate, illustrated version of the icons, maintaining the theme of woven textiles and carpets.
    I was also commissioned to create a cover pattern, view it here
    For the entire brand design, visit 28ers
  • Image Credit: UNESCO (Source)
  • Image Credit: AnnaR (Source)
  • Image Credit: Jerry Balloch for Alef Magazine (Website)
    The Pictograms
    The Section Dividers
    The Tote Bag