There are three different QR codes
1st one leads to the application 
Once you have downloaded the application, you are in for unexpected treats.
Before launching the application we place 300 meter sensors around places we have selceted and that offer little pleasures. Once you walk past the sensor you get a  notification that "you are in a location of tempation"
Opening the notification you get a quote. A quote that speaks tempation and you have two choices. To deny or to surrender.
If you surrender you get a map. A map that leads you to a place that you may or may not know.
The map doesn't indicate the name of the place where it leads you to but we promise  it would be a really tempting place 
At the end of the route you recieve a notification that you have reached the destination and you are able to check in using fourthsquare, read more about the place and share with your friends
2nd Qr code leads to the Cream spotify playlist
3rd Qr code leads to Cream website
Number 15 indicated the number of days before launching of the publication
Before that the visitors are able to preorder the mook, read the philosophy and have a look at the teaser
Once the mook is on sale this is what the website will look like
You have an option of navigating using the tags like 'videos", "recipes", "interview" etc.
Or simply using the same index as we already have in the printed mook