Alternative Movie Poster Ghostbusters

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  • Very rarely can you pull off a successful blend of two separate movie genres,but the makers of Ghostbusters were overwhelmingly so.On the one hand,you have the comedic charm of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd,and on the other,a genuine ghostly spookiness that makes you want to hide under a blanket.I recently bought a copy and watched it for the first time in several years,and it's still just as fresh as it was in it's initial release in 1984.It has a great supporting cast for Murray and Aykroyd,including the always great Sigourney Weaver,Rick Moranis,Ernie Hudson,and Harold Ramis,who is just as talented behind the camera as he is in front of it. 
    The timing of the humor in this movie is so perfect. Bill Murray delivers that same sense of unique, lazy-ass humor we all love. Dan Aykroyd has that same dry, odd-ball humor, like Rick Moranis. And Harold Ramis delivers that bookish and INCREDIBLY DRY, dead pan sense of humor, along with Annie Potts. If you want to check out a nice, feel-good 80s comedy, who ya gonna call?