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32 webinars produced. Scroll to bottom for project notes.
In Fall 2009 at Sustainable Life Media, our team began producing online seminars with speakers on sustainable business and design. We used Adobe Connect with remote presenters using live cameras, a feature other providers didn't offer. However, post-event recordings were too cumbersome for users' viewing experience and premium attendee administration. I worked around this challenge by screencasting the Flash video recording from Adobe Connect, edited the footage, uploaded to Vimeo hosting, added meta info, embedded into webpages with marketing copy on our Drupal CMS (content management system), and promoted online through 10min teasers, email, and social media.
Spring 2010, my assistant Aude Lambert and I co-produced 8 premium webinars, selecting and training speakers, marketing the series, and publishing them one week following the live session. The solution gave 3 competitive advantages: