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    Awareness Animation Clip Based on the famous Sizinkiler Series
This project has been done in Mavi Ruya Animasyon Produksyon in Ankara Turkey.
this project supposed to be shown in Instabul metro stations, I have no idea if it's shown or not.
I was assigned to manage this project and assure delivering it on time.
the theme of this project that it has been done in short time because it had a tight deadline date, to finish it fast I made some tricks that saved so much time.
the input was so much high resolution characters came from the Sizinkiler Catlak Yumurtalar animation series producer I guess.
I have remodeled the characters into low-res version to be workable or else it will be very hard to rig and animate
to save time I made the two characters that we are going to use in animation in one rig and made control to switch the polygon visibilities, the result is that this rig has been done in 5 days only for two characters, the animation has been done by Shahram Yaqubi also in very short time, and the result is that it was even delivered before the deadline :).