Peruvian nature is the leading export brand of Peruvian super ingredients. It’s relevance in the category made the competitors replicate the visual codes of its identity and the resources they used on its website. In that sense, one of the objectives in the web design was to differentiate it from the whole category in a remarkable way.

Another challenge was to show the process that Peruvian Nature applies to the food in a friendly and
easy to understand way, because in an earlier version, this was explained in a infographic design which was really difficult to read and had graphics that were not responsive in all digital devices. Peruvian nature has a patented process that makes them unique (OSS), for that reason, to include this was an important request of the client.

Considering the great part of the public, visualize the web by mobile devices, the use of images as infographics was not optimal, so the idea was ​​creating an animation that, in a very visual way, showed the process and generate impact on the user without feeling that it was hard and technical information. We decided to use the scroll down as a resource from the beginning of the web to deploy this animation in order to explain the OSS process as clearly as possible.

As a result it helped a great part of the public to see and understand the process Peruvian Nature was using in an intuitive way, generating a very important value for the company. To differentiate the brand visually, we are inspired by Peruvian textiles to create the color palette of the brand identity that moves away from the common. Additionally we gave prominence to all the support graphics of the brand that also help differentiate the page as well as make it more dynamic.

For this project, Fibra was responsible for designing the entire structure, specifically the user experience (UX), made the graphic design (UI), made the animation storyboard, its illustration and effects, as well as the programming of the entire web , which is 100% manageable and sensitive device.

The demand for superfoods is growing rapidly worldwide and a good website is essential in the purchase process.
Peruvian nature is the world leader in the export of Peruvian super-ingredients and the rest of the competitors had been coping from its website.
Most, including Peruvian nature, fell in common places such as the use of brown, green, raw colors, among others.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Andrea Gálvez​​​​​​​Ricardo BustamanteFrancisco Muñante
ART DIRECTION: Andrea Gálvez ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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