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    Studio portraits- Following from the series "We Are One With The Shadows"
A continuation of the idea of we, "the public" almost stepping into the darkness due to the idea of the recession and issues concearning this, but also the bright exposure quality that the light has and how it creates a contradicting quality on this theme and creates greater shadows and feeling in the subjects.
The series of studio shots is predomiately self portraits, as I directed my friend as to where to shoot them and the ways to capture my expressions. A few were then tweaked to show emphasis.
My main focus for this more so than the theme, was to keep the studio light in these shots as that would ultimately emphasise the ideas of the light and the shadows cast and feel the last shot, which wasnt adjusted portrays the ideas with the most impact. 
The link to the previous "We are One With The Shadows" project is shown below to show the connection and the two in contrast.