Miklivision® by Alain Mikli® - 1998/2002
Miklivision® by Alain Mikli®
Miklivision® was an Alain Mikli fantasy, but not only. It was also a very innovative concept which emerged much more serious than it appeared at the beginning...

The story began with an idea from Bono, the "U2" charismatic leader who used to wear Alain Mikli eyewear.
He wanted to wear spectacles with integrated video camera to film people on stage (for the public to see itself on big screens). Philippe Guyot developped three prototypes, with different kind of cameras and lenses in order to permit professionnal quality video. The idea was not to make a "spy-cam", but a "broadcast" video camera, for a totally subjective vision. 

In fact, spectacles are perfect as a "technical support". Close to eyes and ears, a lot of developments were possible around sound and visual applications.
The project with Bono never born. But another one soon became reality...
In 1995 Thierry Ardisson, a very well-known french television anchor, has a new project. He wants to manage a show in the Paris streets, where he will do interviews of famous (or not) peoples with a subjective camera. The idea is double : first, procuring a incredible vision for the TV spectator, which is really "living" the experience; second, no more big video cameras and large technical team around when doing an interview... people feel more comfortable and speak more easily... The concept was a complete success. The show, called "Paris Dernière", on the french TV channel "Paris Première" is still going on (even if the way of filming is a bit different now).
When I arrived in Mikli Company in 1998, the project had litteraly changed course. 
Miklivision was used as a behavorial tool by EDF (official french electricity supplier) : studying people working with a subjective vision, they could progress in efficiency (better offices spaces organisation, improvement of the processes). 
Soon, Toulouse firemen used it to study their interventions and improve their technic.

In parallel, whe went on developing the product. Philippe Guyot managed the project, designed the frames, the integration of the eye of the camera (and its clipping) and we worked together on the "all-in-one" concept : a "porterage", to handle the recorder, including the "brain" of the camera and the commands, and a space to store and protect the "eye" of the camera.
We also developed all the Product environment : displays, KV, Logos, exhibition booths & furniture, leaflets, instructions manual...

When I left Mikli in 2004, Miklivision® was a family ! A complete range of products from all-integrated micro-cam, to professionnal broadcast helmet.

The applications for the product are incredible : social, sport, fun, coaching...

Project Involvment :

- Frames & camera technical drawings
- Porteral design & development
- Graphical design : logo, KV illustrations, instructions manual, leaflets
- Concepts & design proposals

Project managed by Philippe Guyot.

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First Miklivision range - Hand made moulding process.
First sketches & proposals for the all-in-one product - March 1998
First Miklivision Key visual proposal
Product evolution sketches
Miklivision definitive Key visual - serial 1
Electronical system integration - Technical drawing
Miklivision frame - First industrial production - Silhouette technical drawing
Miklision - Serial 2 - Hand made acetate frames / Industrial moulded camera body & head - KV + signature
False 3D drawing - Rotring on layer paper
Miklivision - Serial 3 - Injection moulded frames / industrial moulded camera head - Hand assembled
Miklivision Fantasy - Illustrations for Press Publication
Concepts proposals
Miklivison products range - Serial 3 (2003)
Exhibition furniture proposal
Miklivision design concept proposal - 2004
Miklivision® by Alain Mikli® - 1998/2002

Miklivision® by Alain Mikli® - 1998/2002

Alain Mikli® - Miklivision® Project - 1998/2002