Collaborative art piece with Sameer Kulavoor (Bombay Duck Design , Mumbai) for the Exquisite Corpse - Stamped & Mailed show at the Groundswell gallery in Denver, Colorado. For this show, GroundSwell Gallery asked artists to create one artwork with another artist as their chosen collaborator.  The initiating artist uses a media of choice to create an artwork with collaboration in mind (the artwork may seem partial or “in progress.”)  The work is then mailed to the collaborator who completes the artwork with whatever media or process desired.  Fourty-four Denver artist agreed to participate in this project bringing along collaborators as near as neighboring zip-codes and as far away as France, UK & India.
We chose to work with handcut paper stenciling the shape of a yeti with a spraycan and then used ink and watercolor to finish the details.
This piece was finished over a period of 1 month & 16000 miles.
Medium : Handcut paper,ink, watercolour, silvermarker, stamps and post
Size : 11" x 16"
Price: Inquire