On, July 12, 2013, The Half and Half Print Studio in Columbia, SC, had a Facebook giveaway for 30 free screenprints.
Luckily, I was selected!
I had three previous designs that were almost ready to go …
... but because the paper stock and ink colors were preselected …
... I needed to make some adjustments.
Take Chances / Make Changes v. 2
What Will Be v.2
B+ v.2
"Great! So, that could work." I said to no one in particular. "But what else can I come up with?" I still had two days to decide on something so I quickly sketched out some additional concepts.
And then began making digital versions …  
Lunar Rabbit v.1
Symbology v.1
Cats, man v.1
I felt like I had a pretty good selection to choose from, so I contacted some respected individuals to get their opinions.
After receiving feedback from my peers and the many notes on Betype's Tumblr page. I decided to proceed with "Take Changes / Make Changes."
I should be receiving these prints by the end of the month and I can't wait to see them. I intend to hand sign and number them, keep 5, and auction the remaining 25. The proceeds will go to directly to printing additional posters.
July, 19th UPDATE:
They've arrived!
The Half and Half also posted this great looking shot on their Facebook page ...
Stay tuned! I'll be updating this project with revised designs in the future.
If you have some blank walls to fill, a couple of these
designs are available on at my Society6 page.

Thanks for viewing!