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    A series of editorial illustration done for the Glenlivet app
Here's a few commissions done for Neil Russo, who's the current Editor in Chief of content for the Glenlivet app. Apps like this provide for some interesting new editorial spaces opening up. Hope to keep filling 'em.
For the cybercrime story, my idea plays off one of the examples in the article about how cybercriminals can use new Android based malware to remotely "pickpocket" victims.
Since, as the article explains, most of the actual flavour in whiskey comes from smell rather than taste, my take on this is that Mr. Fancy lives in your nose and is responsible for your fine taste in whiskey's. So spare a kind thought for Mr. Fancy.
The article discusses how new inovations in banking let customers bypass traditional brick and mortar banks and often times, allow people to deal directly with one another.