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    Book illustrations for the reprinted Swart Kat series 2012
Die Swart Kat (The Black Cat) was published in South Africa in the 80's and tells the story of a typical teenage boy in the suburbs trying to be a master crime fighter. This character was very popular in South Africa and was adapted and made into a TV series in the 90's.
The illustrations below were for the reissue of the original book series in 2012, where I did the covers and the inside illustrations for all five books. 
Cover for "Die Swart Kat Slaan Neer", Book One, 2012
Sleeve artwork for "Die Swart Kat Slaan Neer", 2012
Sleeve artwork, Book Two, 2012
Sleeve artwork, Book Three, 2012
Sleeve artwork, Book Four, 2012
Sleeve artwork, Book Five, 2012
Inside illustrations: Die Swart Kat with his weapon of choice: a slingshot! What I love about this character is that his outfit is very DIY, stealing his sister's socks to make sure he can show off his "muscular calves". 
(Above) This is my favourite illustration of the whole series. 
Die Swartkat's mode of transportation. 
So here, "Borrie", AKA Die Swart Kat, is waiting for his parents to go to sleep so that he can sneak out to fullfill his super hero duties. His dad is a detective by the way. Convenient!
(Above) Die Swart Kat's outfit secret hiding place.
Ready for action. 
Typical of 80's South Africa under Afrikaners, the bad guys were usually long haired communists.  
Swartkat is also an antihero. In the stories, his solving of the crimes and apprehension of criminals is mostly accidental. Even though he is fighting the good fight, he never gets the recognition!