Faux Works Studio Inc.
Logo and Web Design
This is a web and print version of the company logo for Faux Works Studio located in High Point , NC.
It was designed completely by me. While there was a team of people working on the preproduction planning for the measurement and overall look of the website pages; I built the entire flash site.  Naturally, the copyright is for Imagine Studios Inc. since they were the company I was subcontracting for at the time during 2009.
The entire site was originally built first by me using mostly layout, flash programming, and photos.   I used the entire Adobe CS4 suite for the most part:  Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, and  Fireworks.  Needless to say, the project was huge and it took a few months to get it live online.  There were some logistical problems with having everything inside one flash file, but it was made to work well. As a result, the press page was the hardest page since no outside flash files could be used at the time.