Logos 2

Selection of logos and marks from the period 2012-2014
Hidden Characters, 2012-2014

Bodor Audio +
Logo concept for a Hungarian high-end hifi manufactory, 2012
Erzsébet Square
Logo design for a park in Budapest, 2014
Hernyák Estate
Dinamyc identity for a Hungarian estate and winery, 2012
Logo design for a consulting firm, 2013
Logo design for a jazz festival, 2014
Gorilla Gadgets
Logo design for a California-based tech company
, 2013
Lao Wa
Logo design for a Swedish premium fashion brand, 2014

Logo concept for a mobile commerce company, 2013

Logo concept for a rubber recycling company, 2012
The Wunderkammer Paris
Logo concept for an architectural showroom, 2014
Night of Democracy
Logo design for an event, 2014
Fél 8 Csoport / Half of 8 Group
Logo design for a group of exhibition organizers, 2013
Beyond Visual
Logo design for an architectural visualization company, 2013
Feldmár Institute
Logo design for the institute of Canadian-Hungarian psychotherapist András Feldmár, 2013
Busho Studio
Logo design for an industrial lighting manufacturer, 2014
Halcyon Mobile
Logo design for a Transylvanian mobile application design and development studio, 2013
Hello Wood
Logo concept for an architectural workshop and festival, 2013
Szilveszter Mako
Logo design for a Milan-based fashion photographer, 2014
Crossovers / Metszéspontok
Logo for the opening exhibition of Budapest Design week, 2013
Keren Amiramov
Logo design for a Milan-based fashion label, 2014
Tiba Architects
Logo concept for an architecture studio, 2014
Metro, Waterborne Public Transport on the Danube, Suburban Railway
Logo system for Center of Budapest Transport, 2013
Logos 2

Logos 2

Logo selection, 2012-2014

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