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    Logo selection, 2012-2014

Logos 2

Selection of logos and marks from the period 2012-2014
Hidden Characters, 2012-2014

Bodor Audio +
Logo concept for a Hungarian high-end hifi manufactory, 2012
Erzsébet Square
Logo design for a park in Budapest, 2014
Hernyák Estate
Dinamyc identity for a Hungarian estate and winery, 2012
Logo design for a consulting firm, 2013
Logo design for a jazz festival, 2014
Gorilla Gadgets
Logo design for a California-based tech company
, 2013
Lao Wa
Logo design for a Swedish premium fashion brand, 2014

Logo concept for a mobile commerce company, 2013

Logo concept for a rubber recycling company, 2012
The Wunderkammer Paris
Logo concept for an architectural showroom, 2014
Night of Democracy
Logo design for an event, 2014
Fél 8 Csoport / Half of 8 Group
Logo design for a group of exhibition organizers, 2013
Beyond Visual
Logo design for an architectural visualization company, 2013
Feldmár Institute
Logo design for the institute of Canadian-Hungarian psychotherapist András Feldmár, 2013
Busho Studio
Logo design for an industrial lighting manufacturer, 2014
Halcyon Mobile
Logo design for a Transylvanian mobile application design and development studio, 2013
Hello Wood
Logo concept for an architectural workshop and festival, 2013
Szilveszter Mako
Logo design for a Milan-based fashion photographer, 2014
Crossovers / Metszéspontok
Logo for the opening exhibition of Budapest Design week, 2013
Keren Amiramov
Logo design for a Milan-based fashion label, 2014
Tiba Architects
Logo concept for an architecture studio, 2014
Metro, Waterborne Public Transport on the Danube, Suburban Railway
Logo system for Center of Budapest Transport, 2013