Bon Appotato!

DISCLAIMER: This project has no connection to the Ore Ida brand. This is purely student work done for a course and was not created for profit or to rival Ore Ida's brand. Done as a group project for the California State University Long Beach Graphic Design BFA program, in a project sponsored by Perspective Branding.
Fellow designers: Erika Martin, Irving Barcenas, Nik Killian, and Sanaz Azaritaji.
How do you make potatoes a relevant option in today's busy, fast-paced world? Simple. You add a new twist on the traditional vegetable by creating simple, easy to make, culturally inspired potato dishes. 

By creating a three step system that was versatile and convenient without sacrificing health, quality, or flavor, our goal was to create a new product under the Ore Ida brand aimed at reviving the potato as a healthy option for busy moms or self proclaimed "foodies". 
Located in the produce department of your local grocery store, Bon Appotato would be available in five different cuts, ready to be paired with the five culturally inspired flavors that include both a spice and an herb. 
The spices and herbs attach like endcaps for purchase, storage, and eventually the prep stage of your potato dish where you open both, attach on each end, and shake to season the potatoes inside.
Our inspirations came from the cultural spices and herbs themselves, the organic/health trend movement that's becoming increasingly present in our society, and the high-end, gourmet feel of small cafes and sidewalk bistros. These inspirations came through in the use of language based patterns, a rich and deep color scheme, and the chalkboard style label.
Bon Appotato!
Bon Appotato!