Rebrand the Game

Rebrand the Game

In July 2019, AB InBev’s Budweiser announced a multi-year partnership with the UK’s Premier League and Spain’s LaLiga, a deal spanning five continents and more than 20 countries around the world. We were tasked by Budweiser to communicate the essence 
of this new deal.

Throughout its history, beer brands such as Heineken or Carlsberg have dominated European sponsorship of football, so we wanted 
to introduce Budweiser in a way that was meaningful for both the brand and the people. To do this, we dug deep and found Budweiser
had been there all along.

After analyzing data from over 4,000 of the most well-known goals in The Premier League and LaLiga’s history, we found there 
was a similarity between the formation of the goals and Budweiser’s famous ‘bowtie’ logo. From this, ‘Goals Of Kings’ was born, 
allowing Budweiser to become part of the history of the most iconic European sport without ever being there before.

12 of the formations have been immortalized in a book that sits at the heart of the sponsorship. Each sequence has been beautifully crafted using different art direction and copy techniques. Superstar and former Aston Villa player, Juan Pablo Angel, who also 
has a formation featured in the book, launched the campaign in December 2019 with several important sports journalists. 
The book was present in several sports shows and the campaign aired on TV, digital, radio, outdoor and print.  

Rebrand the Game
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