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    A piece of furniture that breaks with traditions but respects old techniques.
Cool - Chair
A piece of furniture that breaks with traditions but respects old techniques,
a journey man´s piece by Karoliina Priha in collaboration with Kaleb J Cardenas Z

“Gesällprov” in Swedish is the final test students in the upholstery department from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies need to pass if they fulfil the specific requirements as an option to graduate at this prestigious school in Stockholm, Sweden.
During my exchange semester at this school, I was assigned to design a Journeyman furniture with a student in the upholstery department… yes, a big challenge.
This is the result of a chair developed during the lapse of over one year (May 2012 – June 2013);drawings, furniture construction and upholstery was done by furniture upholsterer Karoliina Priha.
A master piece requires many rules and old techniques that must be added to the piece and are inspected by some of the most talented Master Upholsters in Sweden; it was Karoliina´s desire to not just make a traditional chair, she wanted to implement all this requirements and old techniques into a fun and attractive piece of furniture.
“Cool – Chair” creates a comfortable space to sit, an attraction to the eye that fulfills all this expectations and wishes.

The back rest of a the entire chair is done with a new technique developed for this Master Piece, horse hair was used as the stuffing for this wool “tubes”; this natural material is considered one of the most traditional but still most comfortable to upholster a chair.
We´re using this material to preserve tradition in a modern way of using textiles, applying this technique that fulfills the users own taste in colors but respecting the essence of the chair.

The evaluation results by the experts from the entire process was 4.6 of 5 possible points; with this Karoliina Priha skipped a second test and became automatically a Master Upholster. It was an honor working with her.
Design: Karoliina Priha and Kaleb J Cardenas Z
Drawings: Karoliina Priha 
Making Framework: Karoliina Priha 
Upholstery craft: Karoliina Priha

Further inquiries: annpr577@student.liu.se