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    Design a clean, easy to read font, based upon the GHW Dukandar font with its efficient lines.
In the same way that many fonts are simply stylised versions of handwritten fonts, Rupe is a stylised version of the GHW Dukandar Unicode font with its extreme stroke efficiency and thus speed.
This is the bordered version of the font but you can see that the letters are separate, with the exception of eerdi/bihari which is one character on its own, except in the ASCII mapped section of the font code.
Here, you can see ow the font grows between weighted versions as well as seeing how similar features appear within the font.
As mentioned above, eerdi bihari and eerdi sihari are one keystoke in the Inscript/Unicode layout and appear as such.
Visakhi 2009 in Derby (UK).
Rupe appears in a number of weights and styles as set out below...
Normal type in various weights (10 weights from ultra thin to black)...
Eight outline fonts where the 'weight' is the broadness of the space in the middle (the counter) rather than thickness of the line...
... and four weight of border fonts - where there is a centre and an outline in the same font.
Like many of these fonts, these have been used on the cover of books and are starting to appear in the film industry as well.
You can download this font as a single compressed archive file for Windows or Linux/UNIX, or as individual font files from here.