Raaj - Tailed Gurmukhi/Punjabi Unicode True-Type font
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    Recreate, in font form a tailed Gurmukhi font that can be used in films, on book covers, on posters, CDs, DVDs and so on.
This was my first Gurmukhi font. I had had some experience of designing fonts from the early 2000s and on-line, somebody had found a piece of handwritten text with tails and asked if anybody could turn it into a font.
So, here it is.
The suggestion was for a 'royal font' and so 'ਰਾਜ' (raaj) became its name.
Here it is in more detail.
Like most fonts, it is built up from lines that are then expanded upon and modified - that way, you get the most consistent appearance for the outlines.
This is what the letter 'j' ਜ looks like on the medium version of the font.
You can see here that the font comes in a number of different styles and many of these have been used commercially...
The Punjabi film 'ਛੇਵਾਂ ਦਰਿਆ' uses Raaj Script Thin
and other variants appear on many books as well as in newspapers and so on.
The font has the standard Gurmukhi characters in the Unicode range but taking into account that many professional programs do not yet support this properly (Adobe Photoshop being one of them, believe it or not), the characters are also mirrored down in the Latin, ASCII range so you can get them with a normal Latin, QWERTY keyboard layout.
You can download this font for free for commercial as well as private use from here so have fun.