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    This is a project description.
Tuebrook Transnational is a locally-run group of international artists who practise in Tuebrook and the wider Liverpool area. Their work engages the local community and other organisations and responds to what it means to live in the region. ‘Re-Writing Tuebrook’ was originally a day-long event at which different artists brought written and spoken word interventions to the streets.

After the event, the team asked us to devise a means for collating the documentation of the day into a format that could be used for the activity report, as well as a keepsake for all participants and as a promotional tool for future activities. We were supplied with an extensive set of photos and associated creative writing, essays and biographies to bring together.

We proposed a variety of print solutions but quickly settled on the idea of continuing the local theme by printing a free community tabloid newspaper. This allowed us the space to focus on getting the most out of the photography, as well as a 5-column system within which we could bring some visual order to the fragmented style of the creative writing. The finished article sat alongside the free sheets and local papers that made up much of the raw material for this project.

“Well Made have done the design for two very different art projects I have been working on in the last year: a brochure for a solo performance and a brochure for a community arts project. On each occasion their end result has been excellent, very original, creative and professional, showing a great understanding of the context for which it was created. Their way of communicating and proposing ideas throughout the production of the design has been very efficient and intelligent, showing a great ability to listen, openness and creativity.”
– Lorena Rivero de Beer, co-founder.