The VIVO X50 series has been released.The main highlight of X50 is its camera.
To show its eye-like gimbal camera system, We made an animation.  On a work table, the camera fell down, and camera pan caught it. Magically, With the music, “the new robot” started to dance.
It tells even when scenes are at night or moving, the Vivo X50 can capture them with reduce shaking.
制作名单 credits

VIVO X50 Launch Video
客户 Client: VIVO 
创意代理商 Agency: SeenVision
制作代理商 Production House:SeenVision
监制 Executive Producer:樟脑玩
执行导演 Director:Sunyuhe
创意脚本 Creative script: 梦一
三维动画设计 CGI Animation:anitoy716
三维场景设计 CGI Scene Design:Sunyuhe 宝瑞 
三维灯光、渲染、合成 CGI Lighting/ Rendering/ Compositing:Sunyuhe 万钇兵 顺洲 宝瑞 白纸
海报:宝瑞 白纸
模型 Phone Modeling: kanghui 黄吉鹏
剪辑 Editor:樟脑玩
音乐 Music & Sound Design:Blast Studio

VIVO X50 Launch video