Karmic Sanj Gurmukhi/Punjabi Unicode True-Type font
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    Design a relaxed-looking font similar to Comic Sans but in Gurmukhi
Karmic Sanj is a Punjabi take on Comic Sans, looking like somebody has had a good go at making a piece of work look neat when they are armed only with a felt-tipped pen.
This is Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and you can see that it is capable of handling text that has just been pasted into the image processor.
It has a relaxed feel about it, suggesting that perhaps it could be used as a subtitle for another piece of work - a Film perhaps.
So, take the Punjabi text of your Bollywood film - Lucky di Unlucky Story - and type out the text using Gurmukhi Unicode (Or even ASCII-mapped Gurmukhi, which is supported in this font) and get the size and the line-spacing correct.
Next, adjust the spacing between letters or words according to your taste and then create an outline mask and grow it to make a border. On a layer that is displayed below the layer with the text, flood it with white.
Then, on the text layer, keep the transparency and draw the colours from the Latin text logo on the corresponding letters in the Gurmukhi text so that people will know which words they are - you never know, some people might be inspired to learn how to read it at some later date.
Finally, drop it on the poster or other publicity material - including the titles for the film itself, posters, flyers, Internet images and so on - size it and flatten the image.
Karmic Sanj has also found its way into newspapers and onto the covers of books.
Karmic Sanj comes in seven widths and is available for free download from here.