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Saltic | Resort & SPA
Feel the power of the sea and enjoy the slow-style relaxation!
Discover our charming hotel by a beautiful beach.

The modern Saltic Resort & SPA is located on the edge of a pine forest, in a quiet Grzybowo town, 3 minutes away from a beautiful beach. When designing it, we wanted to create a place which would meet the expectations of modern Guests who seek a combination of peace, comfort and relaxation harmonising with the rhythm of nature.

Release Date: 2019  |  Deliverables: Branding, UI/UX, Graphic design, Photography |  Client: Hotel Saltic

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Art direction & design: Piotr Petki™ Laskosz 
Photos: Piotr Petki™ Laskosz
& Saltic | Resort & SPA
Creative Studio: DifferentArts
Saltic | Resort & SPA
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Multiple Owners
Piotr Petki™ Laskosz