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Dudes Factory x DXTR / "One Wish" Collection 2011

DXTR x Dudes Factory
 3rd Collection, January 2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Over the last months I designed loads of apparel and some handpainted stuff for this collection called "One Wish". Imagine you've got one free wish to come true. What would it be? I wanted to create a world where everythings fun and fine, where everythings possible for everyone. The characters and types should be full of joy, mixed up with fresh attitude and relevant statements. The Collection includes everyday wishes that would make life at least a bit easier for everyone. The Following is an insight into the different objects I created for the Dudes. Have fun and make a wish!
 ONE WISH - A collection by DXTR01/20/2011 - 04/02/2011

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The Vernissage 01/20/2011
Around the world
 Wish No.1 - TravelingHandpainted car for Kids.
Cool Cat
Wish No.2 - 9 Lives
Good Luck
 Wish No.3 - Luck "May your pockets be heavy and  your heart be light, may good luck  pursue you each morning and night."
Good Times
 Wish No.4 - Enjoy life!
 "Let the good times roll."
Dexo's Diner 
 Wish No.5 - Enought to eat for everyone
 "Your wish is our command."
 Wish No.6 - King for a day"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."
 Wish No.7 - Make it happenFour advices to make a wish come true.
"Act - Dream - Plan - Believe"
 Wish No.8 - Being friendly
 "I just want to wish you a good day"
 Wish No.9 - Respect nature
 "Modern technologie ows ecology a good apology!"
The long arm of the law
 Wish No.10 - Not being too serious
Rags to riches
 Wish No.11 - Wealth
 Wish No.12 - Be happy!
 "A smile is always inspired by another smile."
The Woodworm
 Wish No.13 - Feeling home
 Laser-etched and screenprinted skateboards.
Dudes Factory x DXTR / "One Wish" Collection 2011