Sriracha Rebrand & Marketing Strategy
This Sriracha Rebrand & Marketing Strategy was made as undergraduate coursework at the University of Minnesota and was not commissioned or authorized by hot sauce company, Huy Fong Foods. Enjoy.
Create a new brand identity for a known product, service or brand.

The new Sriracha Hot Sauce promotes an exciting and appetizing eating experience by providing a versatile and delicious product to those who want some spice in their life. While honoring the existing brand equity, the redesign was centered upon making Sriracha feel zesty, fresh, American-made, and versatile. The many deliverables ranged from a new logo and visual system to an iPhone app designed to encourage use of Sriracha on different foods.
In order to target a new audience, Sriracha was in the need of a rebrand. Starting with the logo, updating the look and feel of the brand while keeping the uniqueness of the brand.
Website & Social Media
The newly designed Sriracha website and social media brings the brand to life with a homepage filled with typography filled graphic of the UNBORING campaign. The website also includes a customer submitted recipe section, an online store, a retail finder, and many more. The biggest feature of the website is the “The Word” page. “The Word” is a take off on Sriracha’s word-of-mouth popularity. Users can submit one word that would describe what the word 'unboring' means to them and all submitted words will be considered for the next new Sriracha Hot Sauce packaging. Also utilizing social networking tools like Facebook to give Sriracha fans a place to come together, share their stories and stay up-to-date with the latest news and events. Users can also upload their photos from the app, ZestIt, straight to Facebook or Twitter.
Mobile App
Use Sriracha’s app, titled “ZestIt,” to snap photos of your food, comment, rate and browse other submitted foods. In popularity of similar photo-taking apps like “Instagram” and “Snapchat,” ZestIt is a brand new app meant for people hessitant to try Sriracha for certain kinds of foods. Once submitted, the different foods will be featured on the app’s feed, Sriracha’s website “The Word” feed, or it can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. At Sriracha, we understand that when it comes to eating new foods, you need that second opinion (and a third, fourth, fifth...) from people just like you.
Identity & Redesigned Packaging
The new identity continues the new look and introduces the dynamic text pattern that describes the reviews and quality of the delicious hot sauce. Although we introduce brand new, fresh packaging, we still pay homage to the old Sriracha bottle. The familiar and popular Sriracha is here to stay due to it’s incredibly ease of use and the fact that it is easily recognizable. Users of Sriracha will be able to have an opportunity to submit their own thoughts on the product by either submitting it on “The Word” on Sriracha’s website, through the ZestIt app, or by social media.
Restaurants and stores that use Sriracha in their ingredients, offer it as a condiment, or sell the product, will post ‘Sriracha Certified’ decal in their windows, just so a new user or loyal fan can know for sure that they provide it. These places will either supply Sriracha bottles with the rebranded packaging, or the Sriracha to-go packets. Posters and promotional advertisements will be placed throughout the co-branded establishments.
Advertising Campaign
In order to reach the working professional audience, Sriracha will launch a line of advertisements promoting the users to try something different and try Sriracha on their mundane foods. The UNBORING advertising campaign reintroducing and re-energizing new & old fans through dynamic typography and a relatable dialogue to the target audience. The ads will appear at a variety of outlets including bus stops, building panels, billboards, and gas stations. Posters will be hung throughout grocery stores and restaurants that have co-branded with Sriracha. The Sriracha rooster will always make a playful appearance to spark curiosity.
Sriracha lovers needs some gear to show their passion. New fans will gain brand loyalty through this items. Sriracha is happy to oblige with t shirts, bags, hats, aprons, and much more. There are many options with the style, as far as illustrations and graphic Sriracha merchandise will be sold at Sriracha’s website, as well as handed out at local supermarket and grocery stores. The products are meant to bring in a closer following to Sriracha, making it more than a hot sauce and more of a community.
Sriracha Rebrand & Marketing Strategy

Sriracha Rebrand & Marketing Strategy

The new Sriracha Hot Sauce promotes an exciting and appetizing eating experience by providing a versatile and authentic product to those who want Read more


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