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Oud Treasure

Client  Name: Oud Treasure 
Industry: Fragrance & Perfumes
Project  Activity : Identity Design​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Incense scent which is known as “Oud” in the Arabic language is considered one of the main rituals of Eastern history, known to the Pharaoh's temples which were filled with it, and it has been associated with religious rituals since ancient times. In the Middle East region, Oud/ incense scent usually roams in many houses. People use it to scent their homes with a pleasant aroma.

Oud comes from the “Aquilaria Malaccensis” Tree which has a special fragrance and a diverse feature, and the incense tree lasts from fifty years to two hundred years. These trees are distinguished by the beautiful aroma of wood, especially when touched by fire. Oud incense has different types; the most expensive type is the dark oud. It contains special grease and volatile oils with fragrant and distinct smell formed over the years.


The client has approached me to execute the design of a full branding identity to his brand. I have selected the name of Oud Treasure after a couple of brainstorm sessions with the client; the name resonated with him as it gave the brand a premium value. When it came to iconize the identity, I picked the shape of the fruit of the oud tree and I expressed it indirectly. The logo typeface is classic Arabic calligraphy because it connects with the customer’s eyes as one of the pinnacles of beauty and the summit of creativity in the Arab arts. The color palette was picked to golden color to reflect the great desert as well as the luxury of the brand.


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Oud Treasure