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    The second part of my submission book for Award School 2013.
Brief 10 - Integrated

Client: Dial a Driver

Product: Dial a Driver    
Media: 3 different mediums (or more if you want to) of your choosing
Target Audience: Social drinkers who own cars 
Single-minded proposition: We'll drive your car home when you shouldn't
Brief 11 - New Thinking

Client: Local Green Grocers
Product: Green grocers      
Media: Anything
Target Audience: Adults who buy fruit and veggies
Single-minded proposition: The main benefit to the consumers of shopping at their local green grocer is fresher produce.

The Problem: People aren’t buying their fresh fruit from their local grocers as much anymore, buying them instead from the big supermarket chains when they do their weekly shop. Your local green grocer has fresher, higher quality produce than the big chains and buying from him is a more enjoyable personal experience.
How can we encourage more people to buy their fruit and veggies from their local grocer, instead of from the big supermarket chains?