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Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Lin'an
Project Name: Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Lin'an
Location: No. 719 DaYuan Road, Lin'an District, Hangzhou, China
Area: GFA 42,000㎡
Design Company: Yang & Associates Group
Chief Designers: Yang Bangsheng, Chen Anyun, Tian Shuai
Opening Date: 28th June, 2018
Photographer: Xiao En

With its advantageous location, Hangzhou used to be the largest metropolis around its neighborhood, and has been prosperous since ancient times. While preserving the elegance of thousands years’ Jiangnan (the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) water town, modern stylish Hangzhou attracts numerous visitors and makers with its energy and vitality as well. Lin’an district, which enjoys both picturesque natural scenery and great development potential of the “Zhejiang Silicon Valley”--Qingshan Lake Sci-tech City, becomes the the perfect spot for Marriott Hotel to settle in Hangzhou again.

As the interior design consultant, YANG utilizes modern crafts to interpret a traditional Jiangnan. By transforming local scenery, silk and bamboo culture into design elements, natural and cultural nuances have been introduced to this crisp modern business hotel, designers make it a Marriott that specially belongs to Lin’an redefining the experience of a business resort.

Small bridges and riverside households make up the classic image of Jiangnan. The lobby ceiling design draws inspiration from the graceful arc of the water and the bridge, bringing gentle and artistic aesthetics into the space. Instead of having a center-focused pendant light that not suitable for the spacial lobby, designers ingeniously placed an art installation imitating the shape of Jiangnan silk to fill up the upper space, which not only echoes to the arc theme, enhances the projects crisp style, but also successfully creates a lovely poetic atmosphere.

Facing the entrance gate, the front desk and its background, black metal screens in the shape of bamboo chips, makes the visual focal points and nurtures a classical aura. Metal installations depicting the light and shades in the bamboo grooves at both sides of the lobby work as links between ceiling and floor. On the right side, the installation works as the perimeter of a semi-open lounge area. Together, their symmetry enrich the layering of the space.

Pure and simple log are used as the wall material of the all-day dining restaurant. Accompanied by warm light, light-wood-colored and light-gray leather chairs, a clean, stylish yet natural and rustic dinging spot comes into being, which meet both the needs of business and relaxation. Decorations of the buffet counter, foods and containers at the dining area reproduce the busy scene of ancient Lin’an marketplace. 

The repeated metal Dougong structure at the entrance of the Chinese restaurant brings a distinguished ceremonial sense of Chinese style greeting. Solid wood inscriptions on the end wall has both the space and its aura extended, while the tea sets and dry branch decorations at the dining hall of the Chinese restaurant creates quaint and elegant Chinese-style charm. Phoenix-shaped chandelier at the private dining room adds a touch of nobleness into its elegance.

The simple business style continues in the design of guestrooms. Wood and linen materials are applied on the wall and floor, highlighting the untouched texture and low-key luxury. In addition, those natural materials also contributes to the adjustment of the interior temperature and moisture, making it an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation. A unit of single chair and settee in the living room can accommodate a small group meeting. 3D printed head board depicts riverside households and skyscrapers in Lin’an, showcasing the integration of classical poetry and modern trend.

Qingshan Lake, with its picturesque scenery, is known as “the Best Scene of Lin’an”. The lake’s changing reflections of its greenery throughout the year have been extracted as carpet patterns in the lobby, ballroom, meeting room and guestrooms, assembling the Jiangnan landscape in ink paintings.

In the collision and integration of the classical and the modern, YANG makes the juxtaposition of the gentle and stylish Jiangnan possible in Marriott Hotel Lin’an, redefining the business and resort experience for urban travelers.
Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Lin'an

Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Lin'an

As the interior design consultant, YANG utilizes modern crafts to interpret a traditional Jiangnan. By transforming local scenery, silk and bambo Read More


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