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InterContinental Zhuhai
Project Name: InterContinental Zhuhai
Project Location: No.1, Qinglv South Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, China
Project Area: 22276sqm
Design Company: YANG & Associates Group
Interior Designer: Yang Bangsheng, Huang Shengguang, He Meigui, Cai Zhenxun, Li Bingyi
Opening Date: December 5, 2018
Photographer: Xiao En

Standing in line with InterCon’s brand philosophy, designers draw inspiration from the the beautiful love story of the Zhuhai’s Fishing Woman and chooses “Deep Sea Pearl Picking” as the theme. Pearls, fishing nets and other culture elements are used as clues between spaces, interpreting the history and beauty of the thousand-year-old ocean culture. All of this makes InterContinental Zhuhai an upscale business resort with seaside characteristics that carries on the legend of the prestigious brand.

The overall design of the space continues the tone of the InterCon gold and black. With the gloss and lines of materials like metal, glass and marble, a modern stylish sense of global luxury has come into being. Deep ocean blue with various other colors form up many fantastic underwater worlds on the carpet.Thanks to eco-friendly materials and contemporary design approaches, designers ingeniously apply the rich textures of pearls and the changing forms of fishing nets to the soft and hard furnishing design of the hotel, making the space as simple and rustic as fisherman’s dwellings while as romantic and leisure as seaside cities.

The combination of log, marble, linen and other furnishing materials forms up a tranquil aura in the guestroom, while the flowing texture brings dynamic rhyme and rich layers to the space. The sleek shape and fine gloss of the pearls appear indecorative items, exuding an gentle artistic sense. The chaise couches placed along side the window provide a comfortable choice of sea viewing. A human-centered design lift the overall quality of the space. 

In between ocean civilization and urban civilization, designers take the gift given by the sea as a way of inheriting ancient culture and showcasing modern art, presenting a glamorous landmark for Zhuhai that ushers in a new era of top-class luxury hotels.
InterContinental Zhuhai

InterContinental Zhuhai

Zhuhai is not only one of China’s four Special Economic Zone but also a romantic seaside city. Standing in line with InterCon’s brand philosophy, Read More


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