This book is a small part of a one-year work we did as class with the History Lab in Politecnico di Milano with Professors Marco Biraghi e Gabriella Lo Ricco. Milano is one of Europe’s most active and vital city in the process of urban transformation, with dozens of new projects and buildings disseminated within its borders. The big abandoned industrial lots are being converted into large-scale metropolitan projects and the oldest areas of the city are also involved in the process of urban renewal. In our study we compiled a list of the main projects built in Milan from the Fifties till nowadays. After that we chose the most important or iconic biuldings from the list and each one of us had to carry out a complete analysis of some of them. I had to analyse five projects located in Milano in different places and from different years and this book is a summary of the material collected during my research.
This work in only a small part of a bigger picture, that led to the publication of the book "Guida all'Architettura di Milano 1954-2014" written by my Professors Marco Biraghi, Gabriella Lo Ricco and Silvia Micheli and published by Hoepli.
An english edition wirll be available soon!