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    Art of the Macabre produced between 2012 and 2013
"Across the River Styx"
"Bang, Bang, That Awful Sound"
"Before She Sees You"
"Boabhan Sith"
"Life and Death"
"Night Terrors"
"Peeping Tom"
"Pet Cemetery"
"Slow Burn"
"Spaghetti Junction"
"That Last Morning at the Pond"
"That Night on the Bridge"
"The Doors of Perception"
"The Energy Manipulator"
"The Face of Pain"
"The Intruder"
"The Kill Shack"
"The Mirror"
"The Witch of Endor"
"The Witches' Bride"
"Daughter of Darkness"
"Ladies of the Night'
"The Experiment"
"The Hummingbird"
"The Madness of Tarantia Hitipitina  #1"