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    Caricatures of my favorite TV personalities.
I love characters. Animals or people---doesn't matter. As long as they have personality. And that's what makes caricatures so great; the push or pull of features not only exaggerates the physical appearance of the character, but also the personality. I thought I'd try my hand at caricatures by using some of my favorite TV actors. In the process, I quickly discovered that it is much easier to capture the personality if you are very familiar with the actors. You have to know how they move and study their quirks, too. Having that knowledge is especially useful since the "perfect" reference picture is not always out there.
Anyway, hope you enjoy them! They were so fun to draw! Don't forget to give a thumbs up if you love them! 
Oh, and if you'd like a print (5"x7") of any of these guys, email me at marissahschmidt@gmail.com :)