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Podcam | Streaming Video Camera

A conceptual product targeting growing podcasters who want to seamlessly incorporate high quality video and audio into their podcasts for an affordable price.

Personal Project
June 2020
Podcam bridges the gap for podcasters by providing the convenience of not needing to give up their phone as well as giving them high quality video and audio without needing to spend more than necessary on hard to use, expensive camera equipment.
From the very beginning, its was inspired by soft forms to help distance itself from traditional high-quality video cameras that daunt anyone who is unfamiliar with how it functions. Podcam's softness creates a friendlier interaction that guides the eye towards its more prominent features.
The shaping of the product was always meant to be small and pocket-able. Not only does this improve portability, but it helps reduce the need for unnecessary, confusing buttons; thus helping to simplify the overall user experience and interaction.
Surface Continuity
The need of surface continuity helps draw the user's attention to the buttons and use of the product by highlighting their position and function. The soft curves also give the user a sense of familiarity that makes the product less obtrusive, allowing it to blend into its surroundings.
User Interaction
With only two buttons, the user is easily able to connect Podcam to their phone/tablet and start recording both video and audio. Whenever one of these parameters needs to be fine-tuned, user's can use the Podcam app to do so via Bluetooth. This simplifies the process of starting the podcast by making it seamless and effortless.
Cameras & Audio
Podcam comes with high quality wide angle and an ultra wide angle lenses that can be switches easily in the app. No matter how many guests are on the podcast, Podcam will always be able to fit them into frame. By using two beam forming microphones separated at a distance, audio sounds as if the podcasters are in the room with you.
Podcam is quick to record. Once set up, simply press the recording button to start recording high quality video and audio simultaneously. User's can also initiate recording in the app.
To help push for a more wireless future, Podcam connects to devices via Bluetooth and comes with only one USB C port. By using a universal and easily accessible port, the product helps removes the need for owning proprietary cables that are common in traditional video cameras.
Podcam uses a weighted aluminium stand to hold the camera off the table surface. This helps provide a more natural video view and allows the user to effortlessly adjust its height. Unlike most tripod stands, the stand is easy to take apart into its individual components and is reduced to nearly a pocket-able size, allowing it to be transported easily. 
Podcam primarily uses 100% recycled aluminium for its external enclosure as well as using other recycled materials where possible. When the product reaches the end of its life-cycle, the device can be sent back to be recycled.
To help add personality to the device, users can opt to engrave the outer aluminium with their podcast logo. This layer of customisation helps the product stand out while promoting the podcast's brand.
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Podcam | Streaming Video Camera

Podcam | Streaming Video Camera

Podcam is a conceptual product targeting growing podcasters who want to seamlessly incorporate high quality video and audio into their podcasts f Read More