System Design - Green Trolley System "Indian Railways "
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    Trolley Design for the daily Indian Railway Passenger.
Opportunity Area on the Indian Railway Platforms 
 Analysis Chart - Real Prototype & Testing  Scale 1:1 model.
Solution - System Imact Infographic Chart
Prototype of Trolley specifically for the Indian Railways  
Infographic of current scenario of luggage carryed by passengers on the platform.
Trolley Mocukup Models scale 1:2
Side View of Trolley
Top View of Trolley
Front view of Trolley
Rubber Grip Handel for better griping & ergonomical handeling
Steel body with FRP body part in between the steel body.
FRP of back Trolley parts.
Rubber tyres for with foot lock system.
Trolley is stackable for convinent storage.
The slim design of Trolly allow the loading of luggage both horizontaly and verticaly.
Due to slim size of the Trolley two trolley can be joined togeather for carrying heavy luggage.
Collecting Trolley from the trolley stand by swipping "Green Trolley Card" .
Trolley Stand outside the Railway Station
Old person taking trolley to cary his heavy luggages.
Passenger carrying trolley on the platform
Trolley in the Retiring room of platform.
Signage on the railway platform.
Trolley stand on the railway platform area.
Trolley stand on the railway platform.
Trolley on the Foot Bridge
Green line & the white bars are the restricted area for the passengers, beyond which passengers not allowed to take trolley.
Tresting of trolley on the slop area.
Trolley testing by the passengers of different height. 
Final Product
Its has been found in the observational research that Indian Railway passengers who travel in single/couple of age group 20-35, majority of them struggle in carrying their 2/3 luggage from the Auto stand to their reserved railway seat (inside train). They had to depend on self or on railway coolles. 
According to the research passengers are generally not comfortable in take to potters because of their misbehave behaviour, price negotiation, which no body wants to do that during their journey and there is no fixed price chart for coollies. There is no any system on the platform that can help the passengers in carrying the heavy baggage without paying or on minimal pay. So due to none availability of any other option/system inside the railway premises they are bound to hire coolle or had to struggle in carrying their luggage alone from taxi stand to platform and then inside the railway bougie.
So from this observation I find that their is a need for the product and a system, which passenger can use comfortably inside the railway premisses for carrying their luggage comfortably.