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    Promotional poster for UW-Stout's Spring 2013 Graphic Design Senior Show.
Along with a committee of my peers, we developed a poster relating to the idea of Emotive Design, which was our senior show theme at UW-Stout for the Spring 2013 semester. Emotive design, briefly, relates to the emotional connections one can create amongst product and consumer. 
The concept and general look and feel was collaboratively developed, and then eventually divvied up amongst several key players (noted and linked below). My contribution was leading the group as the Print Committee chair, contributing to conceptual development,  and developing and creating the final imagery for the front of the posters. The final poster was then screen printed by the awesome Ambient Inks located in Eau Claire, WI. 
Click here to check out our website for links to projects , and for more of our awesome look for our senior show. 
Contributing Designers: RT Vrieze and Beth Sicheneder
Copywriting: Mikala Dale and Shannon Daniels
Photo for Background: Justin Smith
All of those listed above contributed to the entire development of the piece,
along with several other people on our committee.