Custom Toasterboy Series
This project is custom Toasterboy DIY art toys for my client in Jakarta, Indonesia.
My client request a very challenging custom. He wants me to make him,  custom art toys for Indonesian Ghost.
This  maybe the one and only collector, that request for this kind of custom.
In Indonesia there are many urban legend, and believe about supranatural world.
Indonesia have many ethnic and culture. And every culture have their own urban legend and supranatural world.
And of course there are many type of ghost in Indonesia.
I made custom of the most famous of them all. And of course I have doing some research about this.
In Indonesia there are many urban legend, and believe about supranatural world.
Indonesia have many ethnic and culture. And every culture have their own urban legend and supranatural world.
And of course there are many type of ghost in Indonesia.
1. LEAK ( Le - yak )

In the folklore of Bali, the Leyak (in Indonesian, people called it 'Leak' (le-ak)—the Y is not written or spoken) is a mythological figure in the form of flying head with entrails (heart, lung, liver, etc.) still attached. Leyak is said to fly trying to find a pregnant woman in order to suck her baby's blood or a newborn child. 
There are three legendary Leyak, two females and one male.
Leyaks are humans who are practicing black magic and have cannibalistic behavior. Their mistress is the "queen of Leyak", a widow-witch named Rangda, who plays a prominent role in public rituals.
Her mask is kept in the village death temple and during her temple festivals, she is paraded. Besides leyaks, demons are said to be the followers of Rangda.
Leyak are said to haunt graveyards, feed on corpses, have power to change themselves into animals, such as pigs, and fly. In normal Leyak form, they are said to have an unusually long tongue and large fangs. In daylight they appear as an ordinary human, but at night their head and entrails break loose from their body and fly. Leyak statues (a head with a very long tongue and sharp fangs) are sometimes hung on a wall for house decoration.
In practice, Balinese people sometimes attribute certain illness or deaths to leyaks.
A balian (Balinese traditional healer) will conduct a seance to identify with witchcraft who is responsible for the death. During the seance, the spirit of the dead will directly or indirectly point to his/her attacker. However, vengeance by the victim's relatives or family is usually counseled against, and people are advised to leave any action to the spirits themselves. Hence, the suspicions and fears of the family and relatives are confirmed, but revenge upon the witch is discouraged by the healers.
Javanese grave ghost
Jerangkong is one of many javanese folklore ghost. This is some of devil ghost that usually haunted graveyard in the form of human skeleton.
And jerangkong can fly and it can possesed human.
Javanese big hairy ghost
Genderuwa (Javanese pronunciation: "Genderuwo") is a kind of myth about Java jinn or spirits in the form of humans from ape-like big man and stocky with dark reddish skin color, his body covered with thick hair growing all over his body. Genderuwa most widely known in the community on the island of Java, Indonesia. Sundanese people call it "gandaruwo" and the Javanese people generally call them "genderuwo".

Habitat occupancy penchant is watery rocks, old buildings, large trees that shaded or damp corners of deserted and dark. According to myth, this creature believed residency center located in the forest area.
Javanese ghost
It is said, pocong have green faces with empty eyes. Another depiction states, pocong faced "average" and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white face. Those who believe in the existence of ghosts is assumed, pocong is a form of "protest" of the forgotten dead who opened his winding bond before his grave was closed. Although in the movies is often portrayed pocong jumping moves, myths about even stated pocong moves hovering.

Belief in the existence of ghosts pocong developed only in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra.
Demon pig
Ngepet pigs are creatures in the Indonesian legend which tells of demon pigs. Some myths tell about Ngepet pigs were people who want to get rich by taking ngepet pigs. When will "act", the host should wear a black robe to cover herself. And then, miraculously, the host will turn into pigs. The other person must keep the candle so as not to shake the fire. If the candle flame has begun to shake, meaning that people who become pigs began in danger. Guard duty candle wax is turned off so that the pig can be transformed back into a human. Ngepet pigs usually take the money by way of rubbing her body in the closet door, etc..
Queen of leak
Rangda is the queen of the leak in the mythology of Bali. This fearsome creature is told often kidnap and eat children and lead troops evil witch.
According to its etymology, the word known Rangda in Bali from the ancient Javanese language
of word "Randa" meaning Widow.
Rangda is important for Balinese mythology. Battle against Barong or against grants are often displayed in the ballet. Ballet is very popular and is an important heritage in the traditions of Bali. Rangda is described as a woman with long hair disheveled and has long nails, long protruding tongue, and long breasts. Her face is scary and has long fangs and sharp.
Green giant ghost
Buto Ijo is it called the supernatural creatures larger than man-sized giant tub, and reportedly often use for "pesugihan" . This green giant ghost is very big and the body full of hair, the eyes are big and vicious.
They can be used for making people rich in unusual way with supernatural power, in Javanese culture called "pesugihan".
People who deal with it, must be obeyed their pledge with the demon or their life will be in danger.
Javanese myth woman ghost
In Javanese mythology, a Sundel Bolong is a mythical ghost from the archipelago which is generally described as a woman with beautiful long hair and a long white dress (her form is similar to Kuntilanak). The name and myth is closely linked to prostitutes, meaning a "prostitute with a hole in her", in reference to the large hole which is said to appear in her back.
In folklore, Sundel Bolong is said to be the soul of a woman who died when she was pregnant and therefore gave birth in her grave, or who died during childbirth and the baby came out from her back (this is the reason why the hole was created in her back). Which is concealed from men by her long black hair. Sundel Bolong is also said to be a sensitive spirit and, if rejected by a man, she is said to castrate him.
Child ghost
According to Javanese mythology, the creature is believed to be kept by a person practicing pesugihan tuyul black magic. Pesugihan is derived from Javanese word sugih means "rich". It is a kind of magic to help people to become rich instantly, but in exchange he or she must perform some rituals or offering tumbal
(sacrifice something) to keep the tuyul happy.
According to Javanese myth, tuyul can be kept for financial gain, but in exchange a female member of the family must allow it to breastfeed from her, sucking blood instead of milk.
People normally associate the appearance of a toyol with that of a small baby, frequently that of a newborn baby walking naked with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes. More accurately, it resembles a goblin or grey alien. It can be seen without the use of magic, though they are unlikely to be spotted casually.
Those who did claim to encounter it described its actual appearance to be childlike (a toddler) with gray skin, bald, big red (alien-like) eyes, pointy ears and rows of sharp teeth, and sometimes reported with hairs,
like a monkey. Its behaviour is more animal-like. It tends to climb on rooftops either to play or prior to entering houses.